Restaurante Los Arcos By Noelia


We’re a young team, running the project ourselves—dedicated business owners handling the service, alongside qualified staff who bring value through their professional experience and genuine passion for the restaurant industry.

Together we set out on this adventure in 2020, with the enthusiasm and desire to develop our profession by ensuring our visitors unforgettable moments.


Mediterranean diet:
local ingredients

Passion for Ibiza’s gastronomy:
we are Ibiza-born and raised!

Home-style dishes:
cooking from the heart,
with respect

Our kitchen is the driving force of Restaurante Los Arcos by Noelia

We select fresh, seasonal ingredients from our local suppliers, many of whom are also producers themselves. This makes for a highly varied menu, constantly changing and always enticing.

In designing our range of dishes, we are mindful of the importance of a healthy diet, while also taking the restrictions (allergies and intolerances) and preferences of our customers into account.

Aside from the options available on the menu, why not try our tapas and daily specials that we prepare every day with seasonal ingredients? You’re in for a surprise! 

Discover our dishes

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